Canine Brigade

Fast and ferocious

Kapston rears one of the finest security dog squad of the region. From sniffing out a potential threat to tracking down a suspect’s trail, intimidating an unsolicited intruder to protecting their assets and property, Kapston inspires the best-in-class canine security.

By employing the best breeds, top-class dog trainers and expert handlers, the canine brigade at Kapston is undoubtedly the smartest race amongst its contemporaries.

Kapston’s all-round approach on providing ultimate security brings you an added advantage of ‘Dog Squad’ one of the specialized security wings of Kapston, providing you with the finest breeds of Labrador Retriever, trained specially well & to meet the specifications as demanded by their respective departments & clients. It has a team of professional dog handlers and kennel of both “sniffer and tracker” dogs, to provide extra safety and security to your premises.

Our socialites include:

  • Sanitization
  • Watch Dogs
  • Dog training
  • Dog boarding facility
  • Pedigree puppies for sale