IT Staffing

Handling complexity with ease

Information Technology has enriched our lives in multiple ways. A keen eye to ‘identify and hire’ the right skills with higher specialization, is the only way forward in this dynamic and complex work environment. We have mastered the art of dealing with such complexities, in industries like Semi-conductors, Captives in IT products, Automotive Services, Telecom, BFSI, E-Com etc.

Our uncompromising and diligent approach has made our company a much sought-after IT staffing partner. For IT and ITES segments we offer unmatched support in computer programming & consultancy related activities, both in hardware and software by offering impeccable staffing solutions to match their specific needs. Captive centres of Global MNCs and financial institutions are increasingly adopting staffing services for business and strategic considerations. This trend is equally applicable for technology and business operations.

Our unique model of flexi-staffing allows a client’s business to add their workforce effectively in a dedicated area, for any defined time frame. We help organisations to hire skilled talent for short-term and long-term projects in a cost effective manner. Our consulting lineage gives us a distinct advantage over other players in attracting & retaining our niche talent. In addition, our professional approach and robust technology offers unparalleled experience across the IT industry.